The Reviews Are In:

“Still raving about this course to so many friends! It really was a game changer for me!”

Prep For Birth student

“I do it every evening before bed and it's helped me sleep better and also I don't wake up with back pain anymore!”

Pelvic Floor Mobility Program participant

“I need to tell you that your program has helped me so much. I used to leak with sneezing and coughing and sometimes when I couldn't get to the bathroom fast enough. You taught me how to understand what it meant to squeeze my pelvic floor muscles and also how to stretch them which I clearly didn't know how to do well (or at all?).”

Mother of 2, Pelvic Floor Mobility Program participant

“I delivered my baby boy (3.9kg) 5 weeks ago also at home (not planned) but because I did all the exercises and meditation from your small pregnancy prep course, I got through it really well. And also my midwife said I had a really good push technique and it was a very fast delivery for a newborn.”

Prep For Birth student

“Easy to understand. Easy to watch (pause, stop, rewind..) while taking care of my newborn.”

Prep For Postpartum student

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